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Hammerhead Sled

Hammerhead Sled

This is basically the high-power sports car of snow sleds.

The Hammerhead is made from a powder coated aluminum frame that’s way stronger than a typical plastic or wooden sled. The rider’s body is supported by mesh that has some give on bumpy ride (kinda like suspension on a car).

But here’s where it gets super cool…

Rather than one set of rails or skis, the Hammerhead has two sets of skis. The back set is made from HDPE (whatever that is) but the front set is made of a polycarbonate material that is super hard and concave to cut through tightly packed snow. The front skis are also attached to a Ferrari-like steering system to give you maximum control over your ride.

Take this thing out on the slopes this winter for the ride of your life!

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