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Slab-Style Ice Cream Maker

Slab-Style Ice Cream Maker

Make your own ice cream at home in the style of marble slab creameries with this special pan!

With a “fast freeze” surface, the conveniently sized pan holds a very low temperature from being frozen long enough for you to mix up your own ice cream concoctions (or sorbets and even frozen margaritas). You can use it to jazz up store-bought ice cream or be a true G and make your own ice cream from scratch.

Either way, you pour the room temperature ingredients into the pan and mix it all together on the super cold surface, working that freeze into the mixture by hand and adding in your extra ingredients (chocolate chips, nuts, etc.) as it solidifies.

When you go to a fancy ice cream shop, this is what they’re going on a big slab of real marble. You probably aren’t trying to install something like that in your kitchen just for some ice cream, so go with this thing instead. It’s way easier to clean and store, too.

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