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Liquor Flavored Candies

Liquor Flavored Candies

Enjoy the fun flavors of your favorite liquors guilt-free with a six pack of hard alcohol-flavored and sugar free candies!

There is NO ALCOHOL CONTENT in these candies! It’s not like those chocolates with real liqueur inside of them. No booze in the ingredients, no sugar in the ingredients – which means zero calories from sugar or alcohol. (Diet stays intact? Check.)

Each box contains 1 ounce of candy (that’s like 25 pieces or so, in case you think that sounds cheap) and this package includes 6 boxes (which has to be at least 40 pieces of candy or something) – every box is a different flavor!

The flavors are rum, tequila, whiskey, champagne, vodka and absinthe. Even if you absolutely hate one or two of those tastes, you can get the case, give away the ones you don’t like and still have a shitload of candy that tastes like the booze you love!

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