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Extreme Ironing Photo Book

Extreme Ironing Photo Book

It’s the latest craze in extreme household chores!

Phil Shaw has risked life and limb to put together this beautiful and inspiring photobook of extreme ironing, the sport he founded in 1997. Extreme Ironing takes household chores to the most death-defying environments imaginable.

From the heights of mountains to the depths of the sea, these photos will open your eyes to the world of extreme ironing that you never knew existed! Participants of this sport are known as “ironists” and they feel compelled to take the ironing with them out of the home and get it done while chasing adrenaline rushes of many varieties!

Please understand that extreme ironing is a dangerous sport and you should not attempt any of the jaw-dropping feats shown in this book without the supervision of a trained and licensed ironist. Seriously, don’t ruin the fun for everyone by trying to jump right in. It’s risky.

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