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Squirrel Neck Pillow

Squirrel Neck Pillow

There’s nothing fun about having a stiff neck from falling asleep in an awkward position during a travel nap.

Use a neck pillow!

This cute travel pillow looks like a squirrel with the big bushy tail serving as the actual pillow part. The squirrel body hangs on to one end and you can actually use it to wrap headphone cables around if you like.

If you need a good excuse to buy this, just think about how likely it is that you’ll ever in a hundred years get your squirrel travel pillow confused for anyone else’s boring regular neck pillow. Also, neck pillows are exactly the kind of thing we all forget to bring with us from home or accidentally leave on an airplane or something – but you won’t forget about your super cool squirrel pillow, will you?

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