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Nope Cat Blanket

Nope Cat Blanket

Nope is not just an attitude or meme or sassy reaction.

It’s a way of life.

Nope is the answer.

What’s the question?


Nope is, “If anyone needs me, I’ll be under this blanket with huge cat on it.”

Black is nope. (Think goth.)

Blankets are pretty nope. (Think winter.)

Cats are way nope, obviously. (Think everything about the way cats are.)

So a black cat blanket is, like, nope as fuck. (Think about hitting that “I WANT IT” button down there and buying this damn blanket.)

We found the blanket on Society 6, so if you like the black cat nope design but you don’t really need a new blanket then you should still go check out the listing because S6 offers their artists’ designs on a whole range of products like phone cases, shower curtains, art prints, clothing, coffee mugs and more.

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