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Top Gun Hat from Workaholics

Top Gun Hat from Workaholics

Who’s the top gun?

You da top gun!

All day, every day with this snapback, baby!

You may recognize this cap from the epic television comedy series, Workaholics.

That’s a good show but this isn’t even about that.

It’s about letting everyone know who’s the boss, the top dawg, the top GUN!

Unlike most “novelty” ball caps, where you’ve got to get all close to read a paragraph of some dumb shit that ends with you going, “oh, yeah, ha ha.” – this is just TWO WORDS in ALL CAPS and you can read what that shit says from across the street, son!

Top gun!


Whether you really do just need to let everyone know that you’re the Head MFer in Charge or you’re lookin’ for a pair of caps that beer pong champs get to wear for the day – this is your jam!

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