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Pet Pouch Hoodies

Pet Pouch Hoodies

It’s time for the human species to admit that we got screwed over.

Mammalians are clearly the best class of vertebrates, so we came very close to perfection. We took a wrong turn on the way through the Pouches Department and marsupials got the goods. It’s okay though because we made the right call having opposing thumbs and higher intelligence, making us capable of inventing our own solutions to ancient problems.

This time around we’ve got hooded sweatshirts with pouches stitched in to the front of them, perfect for carrying around small animals or maybe even making your belly a more coveted spot for lazy couch snuggling. Many pets enjoy burrowing under blankets or into little pet caves and cubbies, so this pouch is kind of the same feeling for them.

Just look how happy they are in the photos!

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