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Shithead Sunglasses

Shithead Sunglasses

Hey, poophead, we found you some new sunglasses!

There are probably hundreds of reasons to purchase these poo emoji sunglasses but we’re gonna talk about the two biggest possible reasons you may want to own this marvelous product.

The first reason, is that maybe you’re kind of a shithead and you know it and you’re proud of it. Those people exist. They need sunglasses. This would be a great pair of sunglasses for shitheads who’ve accepted who they are and feel like flaunting it to the world.

Okay and the other reason to own this pair of poop emoji sunglasses is that they make a great punishment for friendly bets or games of skill. For instance, you could buy two pairs of them and make the team who comes in last place at the beer pong tournament wear them for the rest of the day!

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