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Censorship Sunglasses

Censorship Sunglasses

Do tabloids and sex ads in the back of awful porn magazines still use black bars over someone’s eyes to “protect” their identity?

You know, like, if some celebrity punches a paparazzo and the scumbag who got punched didn’t give permission for their photo to be used. Or if an escort ad is trying to convince you that calling their number will result in the real girl shown in the picture (who’s obviously too embarrassed to reveal her identity) knocking on the door of your hotel room.

They used to do that, anyway, if they still don’t.

And these sunglasses recreate that effect live!

Make your next girls’ night out seem like it was even crazier than what you see in the photographs by “anonymizing” everyone with these hilarious shades! Just wear them like a normal pair of sunglasses and the bar will be there when the photos come out.

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