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Wearable Voice Recorder

Wearable Voice Recorder

Ideas seem to have very little regard for any individual’s daily schedule.

Whether you’re a creative person or business professional or, more likely, some combination of the two, then you’re in a position where one little idea is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Maybe you’ve been looking for the answer to a problem for weeks and it finally jumps out at you while you’re doing something important like driving a car. Maybe it’s an epiphany that changes everything about what you thought you should be doing and that happens to strike in the 5 minute window when you’re walking from one meeting to another.

Yeah, you’ve probably got a notepad or at least some app on your phone to keep voice notes. You might even have a standalone voice recording device. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually have any of those things when you need them most.

This wearable device is a new gadget that wants to maximize availability of a recording device for you. The little jewel-like unit can be fixed to a collar or even inserted into a necklace for hands-free voice recording when you need it.

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