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Hand of the King Bottle Opener by AleHorn

“Hand of the King” Bottle Opener

What is hyped may never die!

The upcoming season of Game of Thrones may be the most anticipated television event ever. People on the Internet are dissecting every trailer, frame-by-frame (this is not an exaggeration), trying to figure out where the storylines we already know are going and which fan theories will come true. (CleganeBowl, anyone?! Kingsmoot?! Come on!)

So here’s the deal, we’ve already featured this “Hand of the King” bottle opener on drunkMall. It’s a fantastic (pun intended) bottle opener. It’s about the size of a standard “church key” style opener, which we love, and it’s made from sturdy material.

You can likely imagine how many bottle openers we have at drunkMall HQ. This is the one we reach for first.


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  1. I usually drink a cocktail while watching GoT, but I’ll have to switch to beer after I win this. Maybe an ale?

  2. Ommegang Brewery made a bunch of limited edition Game of Thrones beers a few years ago but we never got try any – it may be worth tracking one or two of those down?

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