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Eggplant Emoji Trucker Hat

Eggplant Emoji Trucker Hat

Hey, dickhead!

Need a new hat?

Sure you do. There’s no way you have an emoji trucker hat already and if you don’t have an emoji trucker hat then what are you even doing out here? Wearing hats with words on them? That people have to read?

Psh, take that old timey shit down the road, grandpa!

This is the future and in the future we talk like they did in the past: with pictures!

One of our most used pictures in 2017 is this here eggplant and we use it when we want to talk about dicks. Why an eggplant? Well, if they gave us a dick emoji then we’d probably use that but it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll be getting a dick emoji anytime soon, so we use the eggplant.

Strap this trucker cap on your head to let everyone know you’re thinking about dick or packing a dick. It works both ways!

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