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Serial Killer Card Game

Notorious Serial Killers: The Game

Game night might never be the same after this…

Notorious Serial Killers is a deck of cards that are kind of like baseball cards but, instead of professional athletes, each card is dedicated to a multiple murderer and features relevant information about them, such as their total number of victims, how old they were when they started killing and a five star “maniac factor” system.

These aren’t flash cards to study for some sick exam, however.

It’s meant to be a game. The rules that come with the deck give instructions for making a Go Fish-like game out of the deck but you could also take inspiration from other simple card games – like War, for example – and make up your own variations for playing with the deck.

Acts of human atrocity have never been so fun!

Play nicely…


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  1. This would the best Christmas gift for my daughter who will be going to work for Home Land Security next year.

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