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Minimalist Arc Lamp

Minimalist Arc Lamp

Finding a lamp like this makes it so easy to feel like you have good taste and can decorate your home or office like a mature adult.

Look at this freaking thing!

It’s like someone managed to get one, single part correct of our shared 1970’s fantasies about how everything would look in the year 2016.

This lamp is the future we’re supposed to be living in.

Everything else is all fucked up but this lamp – this lamp is the timeline that’s supposed to exist.

The height and curve of the lamp is adjustable. Suitable for just about any location but pretty obviously ideal for bending above a comfortable reading chair.

Turn the warm white L.E.D. light on and off with a convenient footswitch on the floor and be ever so satisfied with this one thing you did right in life, this one correct decision you made.

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