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Glitter Lip Wrap

Glitter Lip Wrap

Glitter is the devil.

Some call glitter the herpes of the crafts world. That makes sense. Herpes is forever and once you let glitter in your house or on your person, there is no going back.

Assuming you’ve popped your glitter cherry and sold your crafty soul, lip wraps are a much simpler way to bling out your kisser than any sort of glittery lip stick, lip gloss or, ugh, trying to create your own glitter solution. (Seriously, you’ll end up glitter in your mouth. Don’t do it.)

Lip wraps work much like temporary tattoos. Align the wrap to your lips and follow the instructions, using water to apply the wrap. Keep yourself from chewing on your lips and each application should last a few hours. Each order comes with two applications of lip wraps.

Get ’em before they’re gone!

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