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Dishwasher Status Indicator

Dishwasher Status Indicator

Throw one of these sliding indicators on the front of your dishwasher and all you have to do is remember to slide it back and forth after unloading or running the dishwasher. Then you’ll be able to see the status of those dishes from all the way across the room!

How old are you right now?

Because many people, after turning 30 years old or so, start thinking about things like how they’ll never get to read all the books they want to read or whatever before they die…

Then this leads to thoughts about how much time in your life you’ve wasted doing stupid shit like opening the dishwasher to see if the dishes are dirty or clean…

drunkMall can’t make you not die. drunkMall can’t keep you from doing stupid shit. But drunkMall can help you stop wasting time on this dishwasher checking business.

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