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2Pac Clock That Plays Changes

2Pac Clock That Plays Changes

First off, we gotta let you know that this clock is extremely limited edition, so not everyone will be able to own one. Sorry. That’s just the way it is…

The clock is made from an old CD that features several images of Tupac Shakur superimposed with money (and buildings?), mounted inside a frame. On the back of the CD, there’s a little speaker that plays a minute or so of his song “Changes” when you press a button.

If you weren’t alive at the time, “Changes” pretty much owned BET, MTV and the entire youth of America the year that it came out. It’s a great song. It’s also the kind of song that makes everyone feel smarter when they listen to it, like they really “get it,” you know? So of course it was huge and you can relive those days whenever you want with this souvenir clock!

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