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Turn Around T-Shirt

Turn Around T-Shirt

Listen, you won’t find very many “funny” shirts on drunkMall because that shit is basic.

So when we do post a t-shirt like this then you should recognize that it’s time to pay attention.

Boys and girls, now is that time.

This isn’t just a funny shirt.

It’s not a joke. It’s not a novelty.

This t-shirt right here is a life experience. First of all, the back of it has the words ASK ME TO TURN AROUND printed on it seven times. So when you make the decision to put this shirt on your body and wear it in public, you’re taking a responsibility on that you need to be prepared to uphold. When someone does what the shirt says to do and asks you to turn around, you need to follow through and play your part.

What happens then, well…

“Magic” is a word that comes close to describing it…

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