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Party Game for Pun Lovers

Party Game for Pun Lovers

Who doesn’t love a good pun?!

Hopefully you do because most dads in America hit the buy button as soon as they read the title of this post and it’s only a matter of time before you’re over at someone’s house and this party game comes out of the closet…

Apparently Punderdome is a game show?

We honestly don’t know anything about that but one thing we¬†do know a lot about is puns. (This is a drunk shopping website. We have to write a bunch of sentences nobody ever reads¬†because drunk people just click links when they see the picture, so we’ve got to do something to entertain ourselves and cramming puns into the web copy is just standard practice!)

So, yeah, it’s a sliiiightly similar setup to the game Cards Against Humanity (a game drunkMall has gone on record many times saying we think is over-rated and not fun) but your chances to win are based on your own ability to think fast and be punny on command!

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