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Hair Growth Helmet

Hair Growth Helmet

Gaining a little unwanted ventilation up top?

Before you get cat butt hair surgically implanted on your head, maybe you should give this helmet gadget a shot.

It’s got frickin’ lasers in it and the FDA apparently said it’s totally fine to sell it as a product that promotes hair growth! They probably did some tests with it and those tests probably showed it to be effective. There are probably some really great reviews of the product at the link below – you should totally read them.

But let’s get real for a minute…

It’s a helmet with lasers in it and you’re allowed to buy it and wear it on your head.

Why would you not want to do that?!

Our stats show that males aged 18-35 love this website, so some of y’all will be needing to think about this stuff sooner than later…. Just sayin…

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