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Brewsees: Sunglasses with Built-In Bottle Openers

Brewsees: Sunglasses with Built-In Bottle Openers

Maybe you’ve seen cheap pairs of novelty sunglasses that have a beer bottle opener on the arms – they were not Brewsees!

Brewsees’ shades are the real deal – polarized lenses, 100% UV 400 protection, sturdy construction with a lifetime warranty – they just also happen to be fully optimized for partying with a beer bottle opener on each arm.

The bottle opener can also be used to shotgun cans of beer! We’re gonna try to get a video of drunkMall’s owner shotgunning a brew this week, so follow @drunkmall on Instagram & Snapchat if you want to see that…

We’re giving away a pair of Brewsees’ Walter Whites (pictured above) this week! Details on that are below but the pair we have is super limited edition – only 50 were made! If you saw these and you just have to have them, you might not want to leave it up to chance.


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