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Sriracha Beer Can Holder

Sriracha Beer Can Holder

Drinking canned beer at a good cookout – what’s better than that?

How about always knowing which can of beer is yours and not having to worry about, like, accidentally drinking a cigarette butt and puking up all the delicious brats you just put away? Yeah, that’d be better.

Did you throw some sriracha on your food? That’s the good stuff! Lovers of the vietnamese hot sauce will always be able to pick out their beer in a lineup if they use one of these sriracha can coolers. (Yeah, everyone uses another word for these but there’s some kind of legal issue there and we don’t want to cause trouble for anyone making cool things we like.)

This can holder is officially licensed, so don’t worry about infringing on anyone’s trademark while you murder brews and chill out with your friends. We know you were concerned about it.

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