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UMAD Airlines Shirt

UMAD Airlines Shirt

Uh oh!

You might have to re-accommodate some of the t-shirts in your closet to make room for this one!

UMAD Airlines is a 100% fictional airline. That’s good because who would want to buy tickets to fly on a plane when it could lead to you getting the shit kicked out of you so someone else can sit in your seat? Sorry folks. That’s just UMAD’s official policy!

It would be a terrible business strategy for a real airline but, again, UMAD Airlines is not real at all. If they were real then they would probably sue the people who made this shirt but they’re not real so they can’t sue anyone.

This shirt shows an epic battle between an innocent passenger who really just wants to fly to their destination and a badass airport official tasked with removing them from the plane by any means necessary!

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