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Straight James/Gay James: Poems by James Franco

Straight James/Gay James: Poems by James Franco

Does anyone else feel like James Franco and Shia LaBeouf are competing for who can be the weirdest, most meta-aware A-list celebrity actor? If they are, Shia is totally winning. That live-stream of him watching his own movie in an endurance test along with his own fans? On top of it being actually entertaining to watch, it showed an understanding of the mediums we now use to communicate with each other every day.

Conversely, James Franco has published a small book of poetry.

99.99% of modern “poetry” is absolute horseshit, first of all. Wrestling one’s own infantile emotions into text and entering line breaks more often than usual is not art. But, okay, moving ahead – what is the deal with this cover? James nestles against James, while both are covered in horrible fake tattoos. Is this a commentary on how the characters he plays live a temporary life for him but the roles live forever in film? Who cares?

Shia would have gotten the tattoos for real. Team Shia.

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