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Smart Umbrella

Smart Umbrella

How many umbrellas have you lost in your life?

Stop doing that! It’s a whole new world, baby, and there is zero reason for you to be forgetting your umbrella somewhere and losing it forever.

First of all, if you don’t know about tile then you need to know about it. It’s basically a little square tracker you can attach to pretty much anything to track its location with your phone. You could totally use that on whatever umbrella you have right now.

Now, if you live in Seattle or England and need a specialized umbrella retention strategy, there’s oombrella. It’s a nearly-fully-backed Kickstarter with five days to go and the makers are calling it the “unforgettable” umbrella because it not only sends a notification to your phone before it’s going to rain but will also alert you if you’ve left your oombrella behind somewhere!

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