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Torpedo Shots

Torpedo Shots

Battleshots, by any name it assumes, is the unequivocal bee’s knees.

When it comes to drinking games, battleshots is up there with the best of them.

Unlike beer pong and most drinking games that aren’t played with a deck of cards, you can play a full round of this game while sitting your ass in a chair and engaging in virtually no physically strenuous activity.

Most other drinking games you play while sitting at a table (or standing, if you must) are pretty low-intensity. Not battleshots!

You aren’t just waiting to see what card you get or anything like that with battleshots. This game takes memory, skills of deduction, and usually a bit of luck to stay ahead of the hunting abilities your opponent brings to the arena of battle.

If you’ve played Battleship, then you can guess how to play battleshots. Place your ships (rows of shot glasses) on the board and hope the other player can’t find all your ships before you find theirs!

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