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The Dirty Reposter’s Bible

The Dirty Reposter's Bible

Yeah, it looks innocent enough. And the guy who put it together probably had good intentions with his idea. But make no mistake, this e-book is the gateway to a dark path, friends.


In the not-so-distant future, the act of reposting other people’s content may carry the same weight and repercussions as plagiarism has done for years. (Considering they’re the same thing.) The reposter is a digital vampire, milking stolen words and images for all the attention they’re worth, or worse, passing it off as their own creative work in the pursuit of financial reward.

Like a joke thief.

Like a joke thief with a TV show that repeatedly lifts exact setups and punchlines from various, lesser-known comedians, then fumbles through ten excuses only a guilty person would make before offering to take a lie detector test, like someone who plagiarizes material for their TV show wouldn’t fake polygraph results for the same show…

So, yeah, if you want to laugh at some of the most hilarious Facebook posts ever (or if you’re a filthy reposter), then this is the book for you!

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