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How to Live with a Huge Penis

How to Live with a Huge Penis

This isn’t a book anyone actually needs to read.

For instance, one of the sections is titled Unzipping: Coming Out to Your Friends & Family.

Uh, okay.

Step 1: don’t.

Your parents already know about your wang. And as for the rest of your friends and family, don’t be that guy, brah.

Don’t be that guy.

Nobody wants to see your “wristwatch.” If you feel a need to show it off, they have a job for that. It’s called being a porn star.

Then there’s another section about the “unexpected advantages” of owning an enormous wang. Yeah, we’re pretty sure all of those advantages are expected as fuck, y’all. Dudes who pack heat know what’s good about packing heat.

So who needs this book?

Oh, just about everyone, we think!

You know those people who always take a book with them to loud and crowded places like coffee shops or even a bar? Like that’s just the perfect environment to fill their heads with words from a page while verbal soup swirls in the air around them?

Yeah. Do that. But do it with this book.

Guy or girl or whatever else, it doesn’t matter.

This is the only book anyone should ever read in public.

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