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FitBark Wearable for Dogs

FitBark Wearable for Dogs

Monitor and track your four-legged friends’ life stats!

This waterproof wearable for canines syncs via bluetooth to an app that be accessed via iOS, Android and your web browser. In that app you can check your dog’s daily activity and sleep levels against goals you’ve selected, see how well your little buddy is doing compared to other dogs (based on age and weight), in addition to viewing a histogram of those stats!

The app is free, you aren’t looking at subscription fees…

Charge at a convenient time with a standard micro-USB cable, which is totally included…

One charge of the battery lasts 14 days!

If you’ve got a wearable to help you take better care of yourself, then why not have a wearable to take better care of your pet?

You can even choose from 5 different colors for your FitBark!

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