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How to Eat Out

How to Eat Out

It’s a skill many claim to possess but few often do – the science and art of eating out.

You may say, “Now, drunkMall, don’t give me any of that business. I’ve been eating out for my entire life and if anyone knows how to eat out, well, you just better bet your fanny that it’s me, pal!”

Listen, we know you think you know how to eat out…

But you can’t just walk in, place your order, bury your face in the main course and tip generously on your way out the door. That’s how high school kids eat out!

It takes a lot of practice to get good at eating out but, fortunately, it’s the most fun you’ll have practicing anything in your life! Once you get a taste for eating out like a professional then it might become your very favorite thing to do!

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