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Sun and Moon Plushies

Sun and Moon Plushies

Space is the place!

Do you ever just, like, look up?

Most people reading this right now live in major cities… (Yeah, we pay attention to demographic info of web traffic. You don’t have to get all Alex Jones about it.)

Thanks to extreme light pollution, far too many people have no idea about everything happening out there, just above their heads. It’s crazy.

Do yourself a favor. On a day with no cloud cover, get in your car (or even rent one if you must) and just drive for an hour in whatever direction looks the most boring on a map. Wait until it gets dark and look up. Pretty wild, yeah?

But since you probably won’t do that, do the next best thing!

Bring a little bit of the biggest star around into your home as well as it’s nighttime partner: sun and moon plush dolls!

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