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Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

Rick and Morty loves to toy with our emotions.

Like a dude that bones you right and then doesn’t call again for 2 weeks. You can never tell when new episodes will be denied to you so you’ve gotta be sure to stock up on ways to occupy your time in emergencies!

This isn’t really a board game so much as it is a combination of everything that’s awesome about all games!

You’ve got dice to roll, a modular board with action cards and character tokens but most importantly: victory points.

It’s all about the victory points, Morty.

Oh and the whole game is themed after that classic and disgusting episode of Rick and Morty, Anatomy Park!

Of course, every episode of Rick and Morty is pretty disgusting but could every episode of Rick and Morty be made into a game?

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