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Bomb Pop Socks

Bomb Pop Socks

These are now officially the coolest socks in the world.

You might have some real cool socks hiding out in your sock drawer but how can you get any cooler than bomb popsicles?

Bomb popsicles are a staple of every good American childhood. If your parents didn’t love you (and you’re therefore unaware), bomb popsicles are those big, long popsicles in a red, white and blue tricolor. Basically it’s a deliciously patriotic ice rocket.

These socks are here to bring you an extra comfortable pair of socks with a design modeled after the color and texture of those bomb pops! They’ve made the blue section of the sock much longer. Wear with shoes to show off a red white and blue stripe pattern above the hell or rock some chanklahs if you want to give everyone the full show!

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