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Extremely Spicy Lollipop

Extremely Spicy Lollipop

This candy is that fire, son!

The Toe of Satan is a lollipop made of the spiciest ingredients known to human civilization at this point in history. Basically, if Hell is supposed to be unthinkably hot but The Devil can apparently hang out there with no problem, then that evil son of a bitch must be even hotter than Hell, literally!

So you could think of sucking on this sucker as the closest you’ll ever come in this life to sucking on Satan’s toe. Which, that’s some weird shit to be thinking about, so maybe probably don’t actually think about that.

Please be careful not to leave this candy around other, regular candy, especially if that stockpile of candy is within the reach of small children. We’re all about fun and games but no kid wants or needs this kind of surprise.

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