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Pussycat Panties

Pussycat Panties

Cuteness overload!

Form-fitting boy shorts with a high resolution graphic of a small kitten peeking through a hole “torn” in the fabric. Who could say no?!

There’s some romantic comedy movie where main character says some dumb stuff about how most girls want their style decisions to be seen as a magical combination of cute and sexy. The most annoying thing about rom-coms is when the things they say like that are true, which that one pretty much is.

It doesn’t get much more cute-meets-sexy than a little kitty cat innuendo on female underwear, especially when those underwear are very sheer everywhere except the front. Yes, you should be aware that the backside is pretty much on full display, here. (Click the link for more photos.)

Available in black, blue and nude. Each color has the same cat.

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