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Cute Instant Film Camera

Cute Instant Film Camera

This instant camera develops slide-shaped photos that are quite a bit smaller than standard Polaroid film. Cute, right? It’s a unique way to capture those special scenes and moments.

It’s entirely possible that some people reading this have never used an instant camera in their lives, so let’s talk about what that even is…

Before everyone was walking around with digital camera functionality on the smartphones in their pockets, we used to take pictures on cameras that used canisters of film to record the photos. After developing a spent roll of film, you’d end up with physical photographs on glossy paper.

Instant cameras used film that developed and produced each photo as it was taken. The most well-known of these were Polaroid cameras. If you’ve seen Almost Famous or basically any movie with a plot revolving around porn, you’ve seen a Polaroid.

So back to this camera. It’s like that but the pictures it makes are smaller. (This doesn’t necessarily mean your penis will look bigger in the photos.)

Check it out!

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