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Extra Cute Extraterrestrial Pins

Cute Extraterrestial Pins

These pins are out of this world!

It seems like every movie about aliens coming to Earth thinks the aliens will either be coldly murderous and want to exterminate the human race or some breed of space hippies trying to spread unconditional peace, love and understanding throughout the cosmos.

Uh, bros, what if the aliens just want to party, too?

It’s not that hard to imagine, especially if their home planet doesn’t have beer and pizza. Do you remember the first time you got to have beer and pizza at the same time? It was fucking awesome wasn’t it? Now imagine how much more you’d enjoy that experience if you also had the intellectual capacity travel through space and time to reach other inhabited planets?

Yeah, aliens are gonna lose their minds when they finally make it here. Show them you were ready for the party with these handmade pins!

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