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Doge throw pillow

Doge throw pillow

Very doge!

So much drunk purchase!

Today’s Singles Awareness Day countdown item is an adorable shoutout to da real MVPs of unconditional love: our pets!

If there was a Tinder for hanging out with cute baby animals, do you think anyone would use the regular Tinder? No. They wouldn’t. Because people are the worst and the worst ones use Tinder to try to meet the other worst ones.

Animals aren’t trying to “win” you for a night. Animals really will just watch Netflix and chill with you and if you do happen to get the side-eye fifteen minutes in then it probably either means you forgot to fill up the food bowl or you’re about to set a new record for the amount of mucus to come out of a person’s face during a Nicholas Sparks movie and they’re a little concerned about it…

Either way, your doge still accepts you for who you are – that’s love!

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