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Bacon Scarf

Bacon Scarf

If starting the day off with a belly full of bacon is your idea of a good morning, why let the fun stop there?

Bacon took care of you on the inside, so let it do work for you on the outside as well!

Think scarves are only for dainty fashionistas?

Think again, folks!

This scarf is over four feet of pork-tastic fashion accessory. In a high quality acrylic knit, the finished product looks like a gigantic piece of bacon!

Wrap it around your neck to stay warm when it’s cold and windy outside…

Buy seven of ’em and go for a new Johnny Depp/Steven Tyler inspired, Rock & Roll Grandma type look!

It’s a versatile accessory but why play it lowkey when you can take this opportunity to really ham it up?

Stay crispy, drunkMall shoppers!


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