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Levitating Bonsai Trees

Levitating Bonsai Trees

The ancient art of bonsai receives a modern makeover with these fascinating pieces.

drunkMall doesn’t usually post things that are this… nice but come on! These little things are awesome!

Bonsai trees are pretty difficult to keep alive, just so you know, but it would totally be worth giving it a shot to have something this incredible. They look like little planets!

Magnets have to be responsible for the floating part of this whole setup. That’s pretty clear. But there are still so many questions. That one tree looks like it’s just growing on a rock? And what’s keeping all the moss together on the other ones? Ahhhhh, we don’t know and it’s driving us crazy!

Whatever. This kit is for people who already have a bonsai tree, so presumably you’ll know how to transfer your tree over to this thing before you order it.

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