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Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

This sauce is so hot you might think it’s trying to kill you!

Nah, we’re just kidding. It’s, like, really really hot but if you’re in the habit of punishing your digestive tract with capsaicin, you’ll be totally fine with this stuff. We had a bottle of Blair’s 3 A.M. Reserve once, which is just pure capsaicin extract at literally 16 million Scoville units. That was insanely hot. This stuff is just warm by comparison. It’s got a great flavor, though, and it will still do some work on b hole, for sure!

The presentation of the bottle is unique, making this a great gift for hot sauce lovers or even a great prank present for someone who may or may not enjoy hot sauce. Each bottle comes with a little hooded grim reaper on top of the bottle – spooky!

Feel the burn!

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