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Key Hanger Guys

Key Hanger Guys

Imagine your life with a personal assistant whose only job is to keep track of your keys.

House keys, work keys, car keys – doesn’t matter. There’s a person and it’s their duty to take your keys and hold on to them until the next time you need them.

Alright, throw your imagination back in the trash with everything else you haven’t used since childhood because that life is here! You’re living it!

Not only will these Wall Hanging Key Holder Guys keep track of your keys for you but they’re also strict practitioners of that rarest of human qualities: silence. They’ll hang on to your keys and you don’t even have to talk to them!

“What’s the catch? How does this work?” you may be asking…

There’s no catch.

And magnets.

One strong magnet holds the guy to a metal surface while the magnet on the other hand hangs on to your keys!

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