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Coffee Gummy Cubes

Chewable Coffee Cubes

Caffeine is maybe the most socially acceptable addiction.

Which is great because caffeine is amazing and the fact that so many people use it and it’s legal and all of that means we get to enjoy fantastic innovations in the science of drug-taking!

For instance, here we have the coffee experience, transformed from a liquid to a soft and chewy gummy cube! Each cube contains half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine, as well as theanine and some other “brain goody” supplements to both enhance the effects of the caffeine as well as cut back the “jittery” effect that sometimes comes with drinking coffee.

How do they taste?

We think they taste great!

There are three flavors – mocha, pure drip and latte – and every pack comes wth assorted flavors. Since the coffee cubes all look the same, there’s no telling which flavor you have until it’s in your mouth – enjoy the surprise!

These cubes come four to a convenient individually-wrapped pack and one order comes with 20 of those 4 packs. That’s about $.50 a cube, at it’s current price!

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