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Green Apple Army Gummies

Green Apple Army Gummies

The frontlines of the Candy Wars just got stormed by a new wave of infantry!*

Remember playing with little green Army men? Or perhaps your childhood was bereft of that pleasure but you’ve certainly at least seen these dudes in action while watching the Toy Story franchise.

So you know the drill!

Army guys mean business and come ready for action in a variety of combat stances. In the picture you’veĀ got your rocket launcher kneeling guy, the soldier taking aim with a rifle, one doing an army crawl and another ready to throw a grenade.

Oh, also, instead of plastic these action figures are actually made of delicious gummy candies! Play with your food a little if you want but don’t forget to pop them in your mouth when done to enjoy some green apple goodness!

*Sorry if any of those terms were misused. We don’t know about war stuff.

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