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Brodie Shades

Brodie Shades

Sup, Brodie!

Apparently there’s an entire brand of sunglasses devoted to this wacky style of throwback shades.

In various combinations of clashing neon colors and those boxy “oil slick” lenses, the Brodie Neff line would look perfect on the coach of a local Little League softball team in 1993. We’re talking about a man with an absolutely majestic mullet (greasy and shiny, of course), no sleeves on any of the shirts in his closet and the owner of at least seven snapback hats sporting the brands of various beer and fishing gear brands.

But that’s back in ’93…

Now, these shades are perfect for everyone who thinks that dude was ironically or non-ironically cool as shit!

Brodie Neffs are available in a wide variety of colors, so do yourself this one favor and hit up the link to check them out in all their glory!

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