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100 Pairs of Sunglasses

100 Pairs of Sunglasses

Have you ever spent like $100 on a pair of sunglasses?

You have?! Wow… How long did it take you to lose or break them, like, 3 months?

Yeah, never buy expensive sunglasses. The lenses are gonna get scratched, your drunk idiot friends are gonna hug you when you have them hanging on your shirt collar, you’re gonna be drunk idiot and leave them in a Lyft – all these things can happen. Buy cheap sunglasses and you won’t even care what happens to them.

Better yet, buy 100 pairs of assorted cheap sunglasses for $50 and don’t worry about it for a WHILE!

(Obviously there isn’t 100 sets of sunglasses in that photo – it’s just an example of some of the included styles.)

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