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DIY Synthesizer

DIY Synthesizer

Take it back to the old school with a hand-built synthesizer!

Korg, which is a well-respected synth brand amongst musicians, launched an initiative to make instruments more fun to younger people. One of those projects is this LittleBits synth kit.

Rather than an out-of-the-box playable unit, this kit comes with all the components of an analog synthesizer – sequencer, oscillator, delay, etc. – which you can put together yourself without the need of tools!

Each modular piece connects to the others with magnetism. The polarity of the magnets ensures that you assemble the pieces correctly, so it couldn’t be simpler to put your own synthesizer together. The kit comes with an extensive instruction booklet that explains what each piece does but you really don’t even need to know that stuff if you don’t want – just plug and play!

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