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Spice Cam Polaroid

Spice Cam Polaroid

What’s this?

Yet another Spice Girls related product on drunkMall this week?

You know that’s right!

In the late 90s, when everything good that has ever happened was in the middle of happening, Polaroid teamed up with those Spiciest of Girls to bring us the SPICE Cam! It’s a Polaroid 600 instant camera with some nifty new control options, as well as a convenient handle for when the flash is folded down into the unit, covering and protecting the lens.

You’ll have to track down some of that Polaroid 600 film if you want to actually use the thing but it’ll obviously just look fantastic in the middle of the Spice Girls shrine you keep in your home. You know, the Spice Girls shrine everyone keeps in their home?

Oh, one last thing. Whatever you do, don’t forget to zig a zig ah!

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