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I Love Sludge Metal shirt

I Love Sludge Metal shirt

It kinda sucks that Eyehategod is one of the first bands mentioned on Wikipedia’s sludge metal entry because we were going to talk about them to establish cred with the genre police… now it could look like we’re full of shit about it. Whatever. “Take As Needed for Pain” is still the jam.

Oh, here’s something! Remember Isis the band? Of course you do. They’ve gotta be stoked that they broke up before… well, you know. If you listen to metal and haven’t heard the Mosquito Control EP, please, please, please go listen to it immediately, preferably on a sound system that can handle the nuclear bass bombs on “Poison Eggs”….

An-y-way, OctopusMGMT knocked it out of the park with this killer t-shirt. Even if sludge isn’t your particular brand of metal, you should hit up their store because they have goods for just about every sub-genre. (The black metal design is absolutely savage. You were warned.)

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